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Pediatric Dentistry

Odontopediatrics is considered as the oral care of children and adolescents against preventable damages, recognizing early and optimally the treatment of diseases, as well as oral rehabilitation. In addition, it teaches you the importance of oral hygiene to help have a healthy life in adult life.

That is why at IcaDental we take the health of our children and adolescents very seriously.

General odontology

The integral dentistry is a concept that understands the dentist as a unique being and completely capable of offering integrative treatment in which all the factors that can intervene in his oral problem are taken into account.

The integral dentistry works with all the specialties of the conventional dentistry, with all its benefits and security for its patients, besides it is able to solve those cases in which the conventional dentistry does not give answer; avoiding those procedures that can be harmful to patients.

Oral prophylaxis

Prophylaxis or dental cleaning consists in the removal of bacterial plaque and calculus stones formed around the teeth, this treatment can be carried out according to the case, with manual instruments with ultrasound or another electromechanical instrument.


To treat gingivitis, periodontics involves performing a mouthwash to remove plaque and tartar. An educational function is also performed explaining to the patient the necessary criteria of oral hygiene so that gingivitis does not recur. In general, all people should go to the dentist’s office to have their mouth cleaned at least once a year.

Dental implants

Dental implantology aims to replace the loss of teeth and rehabilitate the aesthetic and masticatory function, for which it requires the use of some common techniques in Maxillofacial Surgery.

Today, we are able to offer our patients a safe and highly developed technique, which contributes to improving comfort, aesthetics and ultimately the quality of life.


What is dental radiology?

Dental radiology allows the creation of images of the mouth and teeth, from which to diagnose dental caries before they are visible, teeth that have not yet left, fractured jaws, position and size of the teeth and other problems of teeth. teeth and the bones of the jaw.

Dentists use dental radiology as a dental prevention element, since it allows them to make more precise diagnoses, determine optimal treatments and follow up later.
Dental radiology is also used before performing orthodontics or dental surgery, as a complement to orthopantomography or teleradiography.
It is recommended not to perform dental radiology in pregnant women, although if it is performed due to ignorance, the risks to the fetus are minimal.