Female hair removal

The female laser hair removal generates great satisfaction although it is important to study each case in particular and assess the type of hair and skin to be treated to get good results.

Success is assured if we treat hairs with color and thickness and highly recommended to solve folliculitis (entrenched hairs) and hirsutism (excess hair). All body areas are treated with the exception of the lower part of the eyebrows and can be performed at puberty and adolescence. The average number of sessions needed to eliminate almost all the hair is 4-5 in face and 7-8 in areas such as the armpits, pubis, legs, arms and buttocks.

Male Hair Removal

In the thorax, abdomen and back. More and more men are deciding to opt for this type of hair removal. a greater number of sessions is needed, around 8 and frequent revisions for the appearance of new hair are frequent (1 or 2 reviews per year).

The sessions begin to occur with a space of 2 months between one and another increasing this time as the number of sessions increases and keeping hair without one another. These intervals may extend what the client wants and even be sessions without regularity.

The hair of the beard needs more sessions, about 10, and less time between one and another (1 month at the beginning, then they are spaced out), as there is a lot of hair and frequent revisions to come out new hair ( 2 or 3 a year). The improvement in skin and shaving is spectacular because the irritation decreases and folliculitis disappears (cystic hairs and pimples) after shaving.