Dental implantology

Dental Implantology

The treatment of dental implants is one of the most requested by ICA patients. It aims to replace one or several teeth with the integration of implants on the bone, which will support crowns and dentures.

The implants are not only an aesthetic treatment, but thanks to them the patient recovers again the functionality of his teeth.

The ideal candidates for this treatment are those who have suffered the loss of a piece due to causes such as trauma, agenesis or absence of the tooth from birth. In these cases, the best solution is the placement of a dental implant. The reasons, in addition to esthetics, are also health: the absence of a tooth can lead to future problems such as bone loss and functionality.


As specialists in dental implants in Tenerife, we remind you that the phases of this treatment are:

  1. Consultation, diagnosis and planning

ICA professionals will thoroughly evaluate the patient’s mouth to determine the feasibility of the treatment. To do this, a radiological examination is performed to determine the available bone volume.

Once the examination is done, the patient will be informed of the therapeutic choice, as well as the duration and cost of the procedure.

  1. Intervention

Implant surgery is performed with local anesthesia, which is why it is painless. Its duration depends on the complexity (number and location of the implants, bone volume, etc.).

  1. Cicatrization

Also called osseointegration phase: the bone will regenerate around the implant, something essential for it to support the placement of a prosthesis and ensure total stability. During the process, which may last around 3 months, it is possible to place a temporary prosthesis to recover the aesthetic function.

  1. Definitive prosthesis

Once the osseointegration process is finished, the final prosthesis is placed on the implant by means of a pillar.

  1. Monitoring and care

Dental implants do not require specific care, it is simply necessary to maintain proper dental hygiene habits. However, it is important to go to regular reviews so that ICA professionals can check the evolution of the treatment.