Dental Aesthetics

Dental Aesthetics

At ICA we bet on the use of advanced techniques so that our clients can enjoy a perfect smile. For this reason we have a wide range of treatments to improve your dental aesthetics. As far as this field is concerned, there are more and more options that allow us to offer patients customized solutions according to their needs.


Most people who want to correct the crowding and improve the aesthetics and functionality of their teeth, look for solutions with low visual impact. Showing a film denture is possible without anyone noticing that you are undergoing an orthodontic treatment. At ICA, we mainly work with two types of orthodontics.


Currently Invisalign® is one of the most revolutionary invisible orthodontic treatments on the market that allows patients to enjoy an attractive and healthy smile without having to wear the traditional braces.


The treatment of Invisalign® is fully digitized from beginning to end. The patient must use a series of transparent and removable aligners, made to measure from polycarbonate, which individually exert a slight pressure on the teeth. In this way, a progressive correction towards the desired point is achieved. In the earlier stages of treatment, the splints are thinner and more flexible.

The main requirements that a patient must meet to undergo this treatment are:

  • Be over 14 years old
  • Have the final teeth
  • Not having any other dental problems

This orthodontic system is increasingly demanded because it is a discrete, personalized, precise and effective process. It can be applied to patients with conditions such as diastema (separated teeth), crowding and rotations, as well as different types of bite (crossed, overbite and protrusion).

Among its main advantages are:

  • Comfort: the aligners allow to speak with comfort and, thanks to the material of which they are manufactured, they avoid chafing or wounds.

  • Discretion: no one will notice if you wear the aligner or have to hide your smile.

  • Hygiene: you can remove the aligner to carry out your dental hygiene habits.

  • Accuracy: the digitalization of the process guarantees that there are no errors in the manufacture of the aligners.

  • Efficacy: your results are clinically proven.

Damon Clear® system

At ICA we also offer our patients the Damon® orthodontic system, a revolutionary orthodontic technique of passive self-ligating ideal to solve bite alignment problems of patients. What makes Damon® brackets different is that they are much smoother, faster and more comfortable than traditional braces.

Although the Damon® orthodontic system can be made with metal brackets, many people come to ICA because we have Damon Clear®, a treatment with transparent brackets and wires. In particular, the brackets are made from ceramic materials, so they have a color similar to that of natural teeth. The effect that is achieved is very natural and discreet.

How does it work?

All Damon orthodontics use self-ligating brackets: these are fixed to the arch with eyelashes that give them freedom of movement. The Damon Clear® system has undoubtedly made a great advance in the area of ​​dental aesthetics since, in addition to offering a treatment with low visual impact, it combines the technological improvements in efficiency.


The treatment of dental veneers is another of the most successful today in the area of ​​dental aesthetics. The veneers are no more than thin cosmetic sheets made from porcelain that are placed on the outside of the teeth.

What are they for?

Its main objective is not to correct problems of crowding (functional level), but it has a purely aesthetic character. For this reason, this treatment is ideal for those patients who want to improve the appearance of their teeth because they have suffered a fracture in one of their teeth or discoloration in the enamel.

The dental veneers also correct the shape of the teeth, regularize them and achieve a harmonious effect, thanks to which also minimizes other small imperfections. At ICA we work with dental veneers manufactured with the most advanced computer-assisted technology.

If you want to hide fractures, spaces between teeth, enlarge the size of a tooth or achieve a whiter color, veneers is the treatment you are looking for. For the choice of the same should take into account the appearance of the face (shape of the face, lips, skin color and gums) with the aim of achieving a natural and balanced result.


Some patients opt for teeth whitening to recover the lost white of their teeth and thus improve the aesthetics of their smile. The consumption of some foods and beverages cause that with the passage of time the teeth darken. At ICA we offer dental whitening treatment with LED. This procedure, performed with the cold light technique, is ideal for those who wish to show off a more attractive smile.

Before starting, the ICA professionals will evaluate the patient’s oral health status to ensure the existence of possible caries, fractures, periodontal diseases, plaque or hypersensitivity plaque.

How is the bleaching effect achieved?
The true architect of this treatment is hydrogen peroxide gel. When applied to the teeth, the contact with the enamel causes the peroxide molecules to be released, which is why the denture becomes whiter. At the same time, in the ICA facilities we have a professional LED lamp, which is the one that contributes to the activation of the hydrogen peroxide gel molecules. However, previously the team of dentists of ICA is in charge of correctly isolating the oral tissues and then applying the bleaching agent.

At ICA, we want to point out that this treatment is carried out in a session of three 15-minute cycles. Although it is known as LED tooth whitening, it is also common to refer to it as tooth whitening by photo activation.

The result: the enamel of the teeth is lightened between 4 and 10 shades.

The dental LED can also be complemented with a home treatment: the patient is provided with the bleaching agent (hydrogen peroxide) and a splint. ICA professionals will tell you how to use it in a period of 4 to 7 days.

To further enhance the bleaching effect of the treatment, it is important to restrict foods or beverages that alter the coloring of the teeth (coffee, tea, wine, rooms and certain fruits) in the days after it, since the teeth are more sensitive and prone to pigment uptake.