Medical Team

Medical Team

Among our professionals we have, in addition to our director, Dr. Sonia Díaz, a specialist in medicine and aesthetic surgery, with Dr. Hilario Robledo González, general, digestive and aesthetic surgeon. Dr. Alfonso García Cabrera is a member of our team, a dentist specializing in orthodontics and dental implants. Our DUE is Rocio Díaz Perez, a graduate in nursing.


Sergio Luis Cabezas
Director General

Dr. Sonia Díaz Pérez

Esthetic Surgeon (more…) [...]

Dr. María Concepción Pinilla

Cosmetic surgeon aesthetic and reconstructive (more…) [...]

Dr. Hilario Robledo González

Specialist in General Surgery and Gastroenterology (more…) [...]

Dr. Ángel Francisco Román

Implant capilar [...]

Dr. García Aparicio

Bachelor of medicine and surgery by the literary university of Valencia in 1982. (more…) [...]

Dr. Jessica Moya Tejada

Hygienist [...]