Intimate surgery

Intimate Surgery

Vaginal dryness

Over the years, there is a loss of estrogen that affects the quality of the skin, not only the facial but also the vaginal area. In that area, the loss of volume and hydration causes vaginal dryness and the possibility of developing a chronic irritation.

At the Institute of Advanced Surgery we have the optimal treatment to treat and alleviate the vaginal dryness of our patients.

Perineal tear:

The tears produce discomfort and an opening of the vaginal entrance, producing both deformity and in many cases sexual dissatisfaction.

In addition to the purely sexual issue, it is also necessary to comment that with the tearing of the perineum, the risk of infection increases because the distance between the vagina and the anus is shortened.

At the Institute of Advanced Surgery, we can perform intimate genital surgery aimed at repositioning the structures, improving discomfort, reducing infections and obtaining safety and better sexual relations.

It is done under local anesthesia, without hospital admission. In about 15 days the points are falling and within a period of one month the patient can return to normal life both sports and sexual.

Reduction of Mount of Venus

Sometimes there is localized fat on the Mount of Venus that makes the most intimate part of the woman is not too aesthetic especially when wearing tight clothes or leggings.

To eliminate it with a mini liposuction of the area and in general (except special cases) with local anesthesia, the recovery is usually fast.

Labiaplasty, major and minor lips

With the aesthetic intimate surgery of the labiaplasty, we are able to reduce the hypertrophy or excessive enlargement of the labia minora of the vulva, recovering the symmetry of both major and minor lips.

Labiaplasty surgery is a surgical procedure that remodels and corrects the outer lips and other areas of the vagina.
It is a simple and ambulatory surgical procedure performed with local anesthesia. In just a few hours the patient can be at home.

Genital whitening

Anal and genital bleaching is the discoloration of the dark pigmentation of the skin around the anal area and external genitals for aesthetic purposes.
There are several types of treatments to reduce the dark skin of intimate areas that is done in both men and women. It involves modifying the dark color of the area with the laser or IPL bleach, which can give a whitening effect on the area in a few weeks.


Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure that repairs and reconstructs the membrane that covers the entrance of the vagina; This membrane is known as the hymen. It is composed of fibrous and elastic tissue. A hymenoplasty reconstructs this tissue by restoring it.

Vaginal rejuvenation with laser

Many women, especially those who have had babies, experience an increase in the size of the vagina, weakness with little muscle support and urinary incontinence.
The solution to these problems is the Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation, it is a vaginal procedure that improves vaginal muscle tone, giving greater strength and control.

Increase of point G

If you do not have an optimal vaginal structure, this operation works so that you can achieve true sexual satisfaction. This procedure decreases the internal and external diameter of the vaginal canal, which provides greater sexual pleasure.